How to prevent back pain and neck-ache

Back pain and neck ache animation

Good body mechanics can help prevent back and neck ache

➦Do exercise to strengthen abdominal and hip extensors, and stretch the hip flexors and lumbar muscles if they are tight.

➦Avoid hazardous exercise.

➦Do regular physical activity for the entire body, such as walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling.

➦Warm up before engaging in strenuous activity.

➦Get adequate rest and sleep. Avoid pushing yourself mentally or physically to the point of exhaustion.

➦Sleep on a firm mattress or place a ¾ - inch-thick ply-wood board under the mattress.

➦Avoid sudden, jerky back movements, especially twisting.

➦Avoid obesity. The smaller the waistline, the lesser the strain on the lower back.

➦Use appropriate back and seat supports when sitting for long periods.

➦Maintain good posture when carrying heavy loads; don’t lean forward, sideways, or backward.

➦Adjust sports equipment to permit good posture; for example, adjust bicycle seat and handle bars to permit good body alignment.

➦When you have a neck ache, lie down; apply heat or ice; massage the neck, and shoulders; and stretch the neck muscles.

➦Avoid long periods of sitting at a desk or driving; take frequent breaks and adjust the seat and headrest for maximum support.

➦To avoid injury, use safe sports equipment and techniques (e.g., proper helmet and cervical collar, if indicated); look before you dive in water.
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