Minding Your Sexual Manners

Partner in bed

The following guidelines can help you make socially responsible decisions regarding your sexual behavior.
  • Never force sex on another person regardless of the situation.
  • Understand that at any time in a relationship, when a person says no, that means no, not yes or maybe.
  • Avoid situations that can impair your ability to make responsible sexual decisions, especially situations that involve alcohol and other drug use. 
  • Be prepared to prevent pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. Do not engage in risky sexual behaviors. Protect yourself and your partner by using a new latex condom with each act of sexual intercourse.
  • Communicate your concerns about the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections to your partner.
  • Share the responsibility of preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections with your partner. 
  • Respect the sexual privacy of your partner and your relationship. It is OK to discuss your sex life with a qualified therapist, but not with friends.
  • Consider the feelings of others. Public displays of intimate behavior can offend or embarrass people.
  • Do not sexually harass others.
  • Treat your partner with care and respect.
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