Healthy Fatherhood: Role and Responsibilities of a Father

Father and son

Fathers should spend considerable time with their children playing and having fun. As discussed earlier, fathers’ play has a unique role in the child’s development, teaching, for example, how to explore the world and how to keep aggressive impulses in check. 

He must remain a Giver. His responsibility towards family is to fulfill their needs, wants & desire; Also, He need(s) to ensure his children are educated, well-fed & clothed, sheltered, taught about respecting elders & scholars, value of money, raised to look after families of their own later. Although it is said that children are close to their mother, but they keep a close watch on their father too, getting inspired from him each day. They see him as a steady provider, a person who ensures the family has all the necessities of life.

It is the responsibility of a father to do everything in his power to protect the dignity & sanctity of his children & his family at large. He should become a shield for his loved ones. To a child, his/her father comes across as the sole protector. Shielding them from any harm caused physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

Fathers should engage in productive activities with their children such as household chores, washing dishes after dinner, or cleaning up the backyard. Research consistently shows that such shared activities promote a sense of responsibility and significance in children that is, in turn, linked to greater self-esteem, academic and occupational achievement, psychological well-being, and civic engagement later in life.

More than a teacher, A father teaches his children about the outside world & its struggles. The teacher only teaches them the way to enter the outside world, but a father supports them & advises them how to sustain there. A teacher's duty is to teach only, but a father's responsibility is to remind his children what the teacher had thought them and whenever they need it in life. He must share his knowledge & principles & teach valuable life lessons through examples. Even though it means a mother is responsible for a child's inner growth, but a father shapes & projects his outer growth.

It is said that "A child is the father of a man " but a Father shall always hold the position of a patriarch. He must ensure to maintain his moral through his action, which will be closely watched by his children.  A father’s influence as a role model for his children is affected by the amount of time they spend together. Whether they live in the same home on a full-time basis or not, fathers should make a concerted effort to model behaviors and attitudes that they want to see their children display when they grow up.

When young, a child is always inspired to love & lead a life like his Father created for himself. A father's duty is to instill in his children the values of life, not by lessons but through setting examples. He must encourage the child to go beyond the paradigm. Only when a child sees his father taking risks, that when he learns how to welcome a Win & a Loss.

The amount of love & pampering put in by the mother must be matched by father's discipline & vice-versa. It is a father's responsibilities to teach & make his children aware of his boundaries & consequences of each of their actions.

Not just Mother, it is Father's duty as well to instill in his children faith & belief in their deities, help them look for the right path, motivate them when they are low, push them always make his children realize the belief in principles of accountability towards their family & parents.

Treat his wife, their mother as Queen. A child's faith in love, marriage & social relations grow strong only when he/she sees their Father complying with them. In the manner, a father displays his love & respect & remains faithful to his wife, he raises a good native. When he shares the workload as a partner with his wife, he teaches his children, the power & value of establishing & maintaining marriage. Fathers who treat the mothers of their children with respect and deal with conflict within the relationship in an adult and appropriate manner are more likely to have boys who understand how they are to treat women and who The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children 11 are less likely to act in an aggressive fashion toward females. Girls with involved, respectful fathers see how they should expect men to treat them and are less likely to become involved in violent or unhealthy relationships.
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