Tips for Healthy and Better Sex

Couple in bed

➠Develop the nonsexual sides of your relationship; sharing common interests such as music, camping, and sports can help maintain the partnership outside the bedroom.

➠Communicate with your partner. Convey specific information to each other concerning the sexual activities that are the most pleasurable as well as the least desirable. If you like having your breasts kissed or you do not like having your buttocks squeezed, say so.

➠Keep sex spontaneous. The predictability of sexual activity can make it less exciting.

➠Make sex more interesting by varying the situation in which it occurs. Be creative; find unusual locations, wear provocative sleepwear or undergarments, or try new positions for sex.

➠Allow enough time for sex. Spend some time talking, touching, caressing, and kissing before having sexual intercourse. These activities can be the prelude to a more satisfying sexual relationship.

➠Avoid worrying about orgasms or sexual performances. You may find that it is not essential to have orgasms or accomplish penetration during every sexual encounter to feel sexually satisfied.

➠Think about fulfilling your lover’s needs before yours. If you are not interested in receiving sexual stimulation at the same time, concentrate on satisfying your lover. Your partner may be willing to reciprocate at some other time.

➠Recognize that there are no recipes for perfect sex. Focus on the sensations and emotions surrounding the sexual experience rather than the mechanics.

➠Avoid making an issue out of your partner’s occasional lack of interest in sex or inability to have sexual intercourse. Even in the best of relationships, it is normal to have times when the conditions are not right for sex. If such problems persist, seek professional advice.
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