Tips to Reduce Fats from Your Diet

Many people are reducing the amount of the fat in their diet by changing the ways they select and prepare their food. The following tips can help you trim or reduce much unnecessary and unwanted fat out of your diet.

➔Stir fry or steam vegetables, or eat them raw.
➔Avoid breaded and fried vegetables, chicken, fish, and meats.
➔Eat boiled or baked instead of fried potatoes.
➔Trim all visible fat from meats before cooking them.
➔Bake, roast, boil or broil meats instead of frying them.
➔Remove and discard the skin before cooking poultry (about one-half of the fat is in the skin).
➔Chill cooked chili, stews, soups, sauces and gravies. Then, skim off the fat before reheating and serving these foods.
➔Substitute reconstituted nonfat dry milk in recipes that use milk or cream.
➔Eat low-fat or fat free frozen yogurt, ice milk, and cheese made from non-fat milk.
➔When making omelets, use only one egg yolk.
➔Use a light coating of an oil spray when baking, instead of large amounts of fats or oils.
➔Eat more chicken and fish and less beef.
➔Use low-fat or fat-free salad dressing.
➔Substitute plain low-fat or fat-free yogurt for sour cream in recipes.
➔Skim frosting from cakes, frosting made with hydrogenated which is 100 percent fat and contain trans-fat.
➔When eating two-crust pies, eat the filling and only one crust; discard the remaining crust.
➔Reduce by one-fourth the amount of fat (margarine or butter oils) in recipes.
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