A Guide on Choosing a Healthy Nursing Home

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The most important feature to consider when choosing a nursing home is the quality of care that it provides. Before making this decision for a loved one, visit a few facilities, observe the condition of the building, its rooms, and residents and answer the following questions:

➧Is the facility licensed by the state?

➧Is the facility clean, well maintained, and free of objectionable odors?

➧Are staff members friendly, helpful and respectful to visitors and residents?

➧Are the rooms clean, comfortably furnished, well lit, and cheerful?

➧Do the residents appear to be appropriately dressed, clean, and well groomed?

➧Are there enough staff members to take care of the number of residents?

➧Are there handrails along the hallways and grab-bars in the bathrooms?

➧Does the facility have rehabilitation and exercise areas, a quiet place with reading material, and a chapel?

➧Does the facility have an activities director and scheduled social events that are appropriate for elderly people?

➧Are the dining room and kitchen clean?

➧Are menus nutritious? Do menus indicate that a variety of foods are offered? Can you sample a meal? How are the special dietary needs of patients handled?

➧If you have an opportunity, ask some residents (privately) what they like and dislike about the nursing home.

➧What are the monthly fees? Can you afford this nursing home?

➧Contact your state’s division of aging to obtain information about the facility’s inspection reports.

➧Before making a final decision, visit the nursing home at least one additional unscheduled time to make another set of observations.

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