Before Taking a Psychiatric Drug

Before taking any psychoactive drug (one that affects the brain), talk to a qualified health professional.

Here are some points to raise:

What can this medication do for me? What specific symptoms will it relieve? Are there other possible benefits?

When will I notice a difference? How long does it take for the medicine to have an effect?

Are there any risks? What about side effects? Do I have to take it before or after eating? Will it affect my ability to study, work, drive or operate machinery?

Is there a risk of increased aggression or suicide? What should I do if I start thinking about taking my own life or of harming others?

How will I be able to tell if the medication is working? What are the odds that it will help me?

How long will I have to take medication? Is there any danger that I’ll become addicted?

What if it doesn’t help?

Is there an herbal or natural alternative? If so, has it been studied? What do you know about its possible risks and side effects?
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