Flat Tummy Recipe: You got to fit that dress again!

Here is the recipe for a drink that will help you eliminate the accumulated fat once and for all: two to three cups a day will do a miracle for your belly and melt fat fast.

Flat Tummy Recipe

Flat Tummy Recipe: You got to fit that dress again!


⟴3 bay leaves
⟴3 tablespoons green tea
⟴800 ml of filtered water water


Heat 800 ml of filtered water over low heat. Then turn off the heat, add the cinnamon, bay leaves and green tea. Cover, let rest for 15 minutes and filter.

Way of consuming this flat tummy drink

It is advisable to consume this drink fasting morning and evening before bedtime. However, for satisfactory results, it is advisable to accompany the drink a healthy and balanced diet, but also regular physical activity.

Here are the benefits of this flat tummy recipe ingredients

Bay leaves

Is highly prized for its medicinal properties. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help calm the urinary and dental infections. Furthermore, this plant is an effective diuretic that stimulates kidney function and helps eliminate toxins responsible for weight gain and water retention. Bay leaves also regulate intestinal transit, reduce bloating and aid digestion of fats


Remains a very effective slimming ally. Indeed, this spice has the ability to reduce sugar levels in the blood for you to avoid the urge to snack during the day. It is also effective against abdominal fat

Green tea

Is a very effective slimming ally, this ingredient also helps to burn fat by activating thermogenesis. By consuming green tea, the body temperature rises, the body thus draws on its fat reserves to restore the initial temperature of the body.
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