How stress contributes to weight gain and solutions

How stress contribute to weight gain and solutions
Have you come across people who add weight when they are stressed? This happens especially when a person is under the heat of pressure – from work or getting horrific news- sitting in front of the TV or the computer gobbling without minding what is going down the stomach. Some individuals tend to befriend certain food as a comfort zone –majorly salty and fatty foods and end up expanded waistline.

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Whenever you are under a threat or danger, the brain hints the body for counteractive hormones like adrenaline to be produced to fight the condition. As part of an alternative solution, people tend to ‘relax’ by doing what they love best which is likely to be eating your favorite dish.

This is evident in a study conducted on workers. The result revealed that workers tend to get an extra lunch bag when they get to experience a difficult situation in their work or met with a hard situation. Since the brain help balances emotional and physical demand for stress, the individual will be left to eat more foods.

If the stress continues for longer, the fat intake will affect the body, and in the long run, it will likely be stored in the waistline. It is commonly known that obesity increases the risk of developing health complications- cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, and diabetes (type 2).

Stress also reduces your sleeping pattern and probably increases the chances of eating more foods to substitute for missing sleep.

Stress is part of life and there is no way to escape it, but obtaining a better angle of response is significant. The basic point is to understand the health effect of gulping more food – instead, try other ways of taking a rest and controlling your eating emotions.

Obviously, you cannot halt the cravings but reduce it or alternatively, try if the stress can be managed in a dissimilar way. Do you have hobbies apart from eating? It can be enjoying watching your favorite program, surrounding yourself with people, doing effortless workouts, or indulge yourself with best previous thoughts.

If you must eat, as the last resort, then do it wisely by considering a balanced diet and proper nutrition which calls for quality and not quantity. Don’t accept stress to destroy your healthy life when you can control it.
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