Dieting tips to help achieve a flat tummy

Dieting tips to help achieve a flat tummy

Diet program abdomen for tightening and slimming tummy and reduce its size, and helps to burn fat and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. Diet is reflected in the foundation to get rid of gasses, heavy metals and excess water from the body's need, follow the diet abdomen lose 7 kg of weight.

When you follow the diet abdomen or any other diet should reduce the proportion of salt in the food, because the salt is imprisonment of fluids within the body, resulting in weight gain, not intended this salt only, but falls under this concept all the spices that enter the salt in its composition, and advised doctors and nutritionists to eat salt-free spices which Italian medley Mrs. Dash

Stay away from soft drinks because they destroy any diet, so as to contain the bubbles cause bloating. So experts recommend drinking a large amount of water throughout the day, including at least 8 cups during the day because it helps the body get rid of fat and toxins.

Must reduce the number of carbohydrates as much as possible, but without omissions.

You should stay away from eating spicy foods and tomato sauce, black pepper, and hot Jasmine, etc., and replace it with fresh herbs such as mint, dill, lemon, and curry.

Refrain from chewing gum because it causes bloating and the appearance of the rumen by swallowing the amount of air during chewing, and should be replaced with unsalted nuts.

Eat more vegetables steamed, but without the addition of salt, and should eat more natural fruits and fresh vegetables.

Just to get away from eating any foods or fried foods because they are working to reduce the digestion.

Follow the diet during the abdomen should stay away from eating peppers, onions, cabbage, broccoli, and must stay away from eating fruit juices and teas, cocoa, coffee, and others.

Must be increased walking, movement and slimming do exercises to get the desired result as soon as possible.

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