4 Common weight loss technique that do not work

Over-weight woman stretching

In a quest for that perfect body,  it can be easy to fall for anything. I fell for every ‘get skinny quick’ fad diet but you can learn from my mistakes.

Here are the worst mistakes you could ever make:

1. Starvation:

Associating weight loss with not eating is a myth. The more you starve your body, the more it holds onto every single nutrient that you digest and it works in the opposite. Eat smaller portioned meals more frequently and make the foods quality foods.

2. Juicing/Detox

I’m guilty as charged. I tried fruit + vegetable juicing for 21 days and The lemonade diet (lemon juice/cayenne pepper and maple syrup mixture) for 14 days while consuming NO FOOD. Yes, I did loose 12 and 15Ibs respectively and loved the results however as soon as the food was introduced back to my diet, I blew back up like a balloon. Use of detox programs like Dr.Natura or CKLS where you use pills or fiber powder while still eating are better detox methods, however, detox should never be done primarily for weight loss because it’s not sustainable.

3. Smoking

I’ve heard lots of people say that they smoke cigarettes to keep their weight down. I’m not sure if there is any scientific explanation for this or whether it is indeed true, however, I can’t seem to fathom how anyone would take up a habit whose side effect i.e. heart disease, stroke, lung cancer etc is way more severe that the initial problem, weight loss. I guarantee you a treadmill has no side effects

4. Deprivation

Programs that completely deprive you of certain foods or ask you to only consume certain foods for a certain period of time are not realistic to weight loss.
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