A mother-to-be’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant wife

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends consuming about 300 more calories a day than before pregnancy and concentrating on eating the right foods, not on watching your weight. Never diet during pregnancy. Don’t restrict salt intake either, unless specifically directed to by your doctor.

Drink six to eight glasses of liquids each day, including water, fruits and vegetable juices, and milk.

Don’t exercise strenuously for more than 15 minutes, ACOG advises. Avoid vigorous exercise in hot, humid weather. Never let your body temperature rise above 100F or your heart rate climb above 140 beats per minute.

Stretch and flex carefully because the joints and connective tissue soften and loosen during pregnancy. After the fourth month of pregnancy, don’t do any exercise while lying on your back, as this could impair blood flow to the placenta.

Walk, swim, and jog in moderation; play tennis only if you played before pregnancy. Ski only if you’re experienced, and stick to low altitudes and safe slopes. Do not water-ski, surf or ride a horse.
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