Why most working moms are always too tired for sex

Tired woman sleeping
Come on guys, what do you expect when your wife comes home from work at 9 pm, checks if everything is OK, checks on the kids’ homework, ensures you have your dinner, irons your shirts and by the time she goes to bed, it is 11 pm and the next day she is the first to wake up. Can she really have any desire for sex when she goes to bed?

All the women shared such concerns.

In fact, I once came across research that showed that the more sex a couple has, the happier they are.

Sex therapists also say that for a solid and happy marriage, a couple should have sex at least once a week.

That’s the ideal, but given the pressures that working and stay-at-home mothers face, achieving that target is virtually impossible.

As much as sex is a critical component of a healthy marriage, as career women, certain pressures take a toll on us and our energies and desires dip.

Unlike men, women perform double roles - in the house and in the workplace. By the time they are heading to bed, they are exhausted even expecting them to have sex is asking for too much.

Men have an easier time. When they come home, they relax on the couch and wait to be served like a king. But a woman who is also from work does not have that luxury.

Ladies, this article is not to encourage you to slacken in your sex life, but to make you aware of the hurdles on our way to a fulfilling sex life and ultimately happy marriage.
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