Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

Add a delicious twist to leftover rice. With this recipe, you can use any vegetable of your choice (peas, sweet corn, celery, mushrooms, carrots, cabbage). Within 10 to 15 minutes you have a full meal cooked and ready to eat.

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

Vegetable Fried Rice: Delicious twist to leftover rice
Serves 4
Prep Time: 5mins
Cook Time: 5-10mins
Ready In: 10-15mins


⏩1 cup cooked rice, (it should be cool room temperature)
⏩3 tablespoons vegetable oil
⏩1 onion, chopped
⏩2 green chilies, chopped (optional)
⏩¼ cup pre-boiled peas,
⏩1 carrot, finely chopped
⏩Salt and pepper to taste
⏩½ teaspoon sugar
⏩2 spring onions finely cut
⏩2-3 teaspoons dark soy sauce


Heat oil in a wok/cooking pot, fry the onions until light brown. Add the green chilies and lightly stir. Add the peas and carrot and stir-fry for 1-2minutes, then add salt and sugar and stir well.

Add the soy sauce, mix well, then add the cooked rice, combine well (don’t over mix) then sprinkle the pepper and again combine.
Finally, add the spring onions, mix and remove from the fire. Serve while hot
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