Tips on managing blood pressure when pregnant

Tips on managing blood pressure when pregnant
High blood pressure in pregnancy can be fatal for a mother and her unborn baby if not properly managed. There are several cases that have been reported in the local media about women who have unfortunately been diagnosed and succumbed to this condition during their pregnancy. Whether the condition is mild or chronic, high blood pressure is a silent killer and it is important to know how to ensure you and your baby stay safe. Fortunately, most antenatal clinics in the country, both public and private, always check your blood pressure at every visit which helps monitor its levels on a regular basis – hence the importance of going to your clinics.

How to manage blood pressure when pregnant

Whether you are going to a public or private clinic for antenatal care, your blood pressure will be checked to ensure that it is at a manageable level. In cases, where the pressure keeps going up, the doctor will advise on the best way to cope with it so that you and the baby are not put in any danger. Here is some advice offered by medical professionals that you can use when battling high blood pressure.

• Monitor your body

Attending antenatal clinics is usually done monthly by most pregnant mothers. However, this does not mean you cannot book an appointment to see your doctor when you begin to feel unwell. Some of the symptoms that are associated with blood pressure that is high include blurred vision, breathing problems, dizziness, and persistent headaches.

• Eat a healthy diet

Ensure that your meals are nutritious with all the food groups represented well. When shopping at the local kiosk or county food markets ensure to include fresh vegetables and whole grains which help keep your blood pressure at a manageable level. Also, buy lean meats at the local butchery and dairy products that are low in fat.

• Exercise regularly

Gaining weight is normal during pregnancy but it is important to keep it at an acceptable level. To maintain good pregnancy weight, it is advisable to check with your Gynaecologist on safe exercises you can do at home during your pregnancy. However, if your funds are limited you can opt to take a daily walk in your estate to exercise and enjoy some fresh air as well.
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