Scrumptious Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken Nuggets

Homemade chicken nuggets are just as tasty as those at your favorite fast food joint. Additionally, this recipe will take you a short time.

Point to note: Even though this recipe uses egg, you don’t get that eggy smell. The chicken nuggets in this recipe are free of egg smell.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Scrumptious homemade Chicken Nuggets


➲3 pieces of chicken breast – Cut them into small pieces.
➲2 eggs or more depending on the amount of chicken
➲A ¾ plate of breadcrumbs
➲1 tablespoon of salt
➲Cooking oil
➲A ¾ plate of cornstarch (this cornstarch has very fine texture as compared to normal corn flour)
➲Your favorite spices e.g. paprika, curry, mixed spices, ground masala etc.


Fry your chicken breast normally for 20 minutes and then let it cool. The reason why you want to cook the chicken breast is that you want the chicken to cook fully and get that tasty flavor. Furthermore, it shortens the cooking time for the next step. After cooking, you are ready to make your chicken nuggets.

Steps to follow

To a plate of bread crumbs, add a pinch of salt and spices and mix well.

Poke a small hole in the egg and drain the egg white (clear liquid) leaving the egg yolk (yellow) in the shell. We need the egg white without the egg yolk. Egg yolk is the smelly part of the egg. Do the same to the other eggs. However, if you don’t mind the smell, you can beat the whole egg.

Coat your cooked chicken breasts with bread crumbs by rolling the chicken breast parts in the plate of breadcrumbs.

Roll the chicken breast covered in breadcrumbs in the egg white and ensure the chicken is completely covered in egg white.

Roll the chicken breast covered in egg white into a plate of cornstarch mixed with bread crumbs in almost equal ratios but more of the breadcrumb mixture. You can also add some spices to this mixture. This helps gives the coating a rich, spicy taste. You can leave out the spices if you don’t like them. Do the same for all the remaining chicken breast pieces.

Heat 2-inches-deep cooking oil in a pan (make sure the pan is deep enough, otherwise, you can cause a fire if the oil comes into contact with fire) at medium heat until the oil becomes hot. Note: To determine if the cooking oil is ready to cook, you will note sizzling immediately you drop your chicken breast into the oil.

Drop your chicken breast in the oil and let it cook. Keep turning the chicken breast every few seconds. You will notice that the chicken nuggets start to turn golden brown. The golden brown color means that the chicken is ready to serve. The good thing about precooking is that you only fry the chicken nuggets at step 6 for a very short time. Repeat the same with all the chicken breast.

Are Chicken Nuggets Healthy?

This kid-friendly and the wildly popular food is often DEMANDED by kids. Should you give into to your kiddos' requests for these bite-sized poultry pieces?

At a first glance, breaded and fried chicken isn’t the best nor is it the worst food your kid could be eating. The chicken provides some B-vitamins and protein and served with a side salad or veggies and a whole grain, it can be part of a healthy eating plan.

Much of the nutritional value in nuggets depends on who’s making them. Store-bought and fast-food varieties aren’t without their issues (see below). You can always opt to make your own breaded and baked nuggets. This helps decrease the unpronounceable ingredient list, preservatives, sodium, and fat.

The following is the basic nutritional info for 6-piece chicken nuggets from a popular fast food joint:

  • Calories: 280
  • Total Fat: 18 grams (27% of the daily recommended dose for an adult)
  • Saturated Fat: 3 grams
  • Sodium: 540 milligrams (23% of the daily recommended dose for an adult)

Although the calories and even fat seem to be reasonable, you’re not getting much bang for your buck — looking at the nutritional value, this means that for the 280 calories you’re not getting many nutrients in return. These nuggets are lacking significant amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

In addition, in 2003 a popular fast food establishment promoted their chicken nuggets as now using “all white meat.” That makes us all wonder . . . what were they using before to make their nuggets?
Furthermore, it’s the ingredient list that raises a red flag. Besides reading a short novel, two ingredients in some varieties of chicken nuggets are the preservatives TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone) and dimethylpolysiloxane. The former is a petroleum-based product that helps prevent rancidity while the latter is an “anti-foaming agent” which is also used in silly putty. Both products are thought to pose no health risk, but who wants to eat food with ingredients that you can’t pronounce?

The Verdict: Most varieties of processed chicken nuggets should be eaten sparingly. Besides offering little nutritional value, there contain an overwhelmingly high amount of preservatives. If chicken nuggets are a favorite in your house, opt to make your own – baked, fried or even broiled – at least you’ll have full control over the ingredients you’re serving.
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