Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle: Diet and Physical Training

Healthy diet

I am overweight, and nobody is to blame for this except me.

I let myself go, and hid behind having no time for exercise or for cooking healthy meals. I worked long hours and relied on junk food to keep me going throughout many countless nights, and I drank lots of alcohol.

My rock bottom moment occurred when I felt as though I was constantly carrying a heavy load, which was the case because of the extra weight I had picked up. And when I felt as though I looked like a lump of fat in my favorite A-line dress, I definitely knew it was time for the change.

I decided to get help from a nutritionist and a personal trainer so that my weight loss goal could be attainable and streamlined.

I did weight training and cardio as part of my exercise regime, but the real difference came with my eating plan. I now believe that weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is 90% diet and 10% physical training. I cut out all junk food, alcohol, high carb foods and sugars, and ate a diet complete with lean protein, fruits, vegetables and lots of water.

Here’s the skeletal eating plan that I started with:

8 am: a bowl of oats mixed with egg white

10 am: a fruit salad with low-fat yogurt or a smoothie

12 pm: Hake (or a can of tuna) with seasonal vegetables

2 pm: fruit of your choice

Between 4 pm and 6 pm: Chicken breasts with seasonal vegetables

If I got hungry between 7 pm and 9 pm, I snacked on fruit or had a bowl of chicken or fish salad.

I also drank lots of water and less tea and coffee.

I started to see results within 2 weeks of this eating plan. It’s like the excess fat simply melted away.

I also exercised at least 4 times in a week, warming up with cardio and focusing on weight training, which is great for toning and building up the strength of muscles that have been dormant for a while.

My mind was my biggest obstacle during the 12-week process of losing weight. The battle is won or lost in the mind, and I had to keep going during times I felt like giving up or giving into cravings for cake (I love desserts).

I also experienced lots of discouragement and jealousy from some of my peers. I was told that I was going to fail, that what I was doing was silly and I was becoming “too skinny”; a look not fitting for an African woman. I had to learn to block out all discouragement, to the point of cutting off certain “friends” that tried to deter me from my goal.

Taking the step towards a healthy lifestyle might not be easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

You’ll not only feel and look great, but you’ll also save yourself from unnecessary health problems.
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