Tips to make healthy eating your family lifestyle

Healthy eating

As a parent, you’re busy. Making sure your family is eating a nutritious, balanced diet can be tough.

Here are some tips to make healthy eating a way of life for your family.

If you fill your kitchen with healthy foods, that’s what your family will eat.
Not only will you set good examples by cooking and eating healthy food, but you also spend important quality time with each other. Remember, you don’t have to eat every meal together. Just one meal a day—even breakfast—can make a difference.
Studies show that kids learn better if they eat breakfast. Make sure they have enough time to eat by offering them quick and healthy foods they like. Learn more about how good breakfast helps kids.
You don’t need to give your kids sweets to show you’re proud of them. Instead, take them to the park or to the beach. They’ll get exercise too!
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