Common causes of allergies at home

Common causes of allergies at home

Ask the anyone about allergies and they are likely to know exactly what you mean and might even have a specific allergy they suffer from. While the general public is at the very least cognizant of allergies, very few know what trigger, them especially in the home setting. Knowing what brings on that incessant cough in your little one or that harsh rash on your spouse’s skin is very important because knowing the origin of the problem is half the solution.

Here are a few facts that will help you take better care of your family by eliminating allergy inducing conditions in your home.

An allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction which is usually triggered by the body’s immunological mechanisms. (World Allergy Organization 2010-2014)

Symptoms of Allergies

As suggested by the definition, allergies affect the body in such a way that it elicits certain specific symptoms or reactions. These symptoms range depending on the type of allergen and the individual in question. Some common symptoms that you must be wary of include constant sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching, rashes, red eyes, runny nose, blocked nose and watery eyes. It is important to remember that certain bacterial or viral infections may also induce these symptoms and this is more reason why you must be knowledgeable about allergies.

Common Causes of Allergies

The medical response to this question is allergens. They are the antigens that cause us to have allergies. In lay terms, however, allergies can be caused by a number of factors. Dust in the home, cleaning products, aerosols, pets, pollen and many other substances are among the culprits. Most of the allergies induced by the named substances creep up on us unawares and cause reactions that we may not notice right away.

Dust, for example, can cause allergies related to lungs as well as ear, nose, and throat. The same dust can cause allergies by introducing dust mites in your home. These are small uninvited guests that you may never see yet they can wreck so much havoc in your home. They thrive in high temperatures and high humidity and feed on dead human and pet skin. Your beds, carpets, seats, and clothing will, therefore, harbor these little devils without you even noticing it (well at least visually).

Pollen comes from our surrounding and you may have very little control over this. Nature is beautiful but it comes with its disadvantages. So what is the answer to keeping our homes allergen free? Regular home cleaning. Aerosols such as pesticides, insecticides and spray cleaners can also cause allergic reactions. It is vital that you consult with professionals before using any chemical products.

A Guide to Battling Those Seasonal Allergies

Here are some tips from Bassett and other experts for how to make allergy season less unbearable so you can spend at least part of your spring in the great outdoors. Throat or itchy skin; these are the telltale signs of the changing seasons for many allergy sufferers.

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