How to Boil Arrowroot (Nduma)

arrow roots (nduma)

Arrowroot (Nduma) are healthy foods being prepared in Kenya. They are recommended for people who want to lose weight or eat healthily. They are rich in starch and quick to prepare. 


➭4 small arrowroots (nduma)
➭¹/₂ tbsp salt

  • Peeled arrow roots and chop into medium size pieces.
  • Then put in a pot (Sufuria) and add water to the level of the arrowroots (ndumas).
  • Add salt and cover with a polythene bag. Then cover with another pot (sufuria) or a Sufuria covering.
  • Then put to boil in medium heat.
  • After 30 minutes check if it is ready by piercing inside the top arrowroots (nduma) with a knife of a fork.
  • If it is still hard to add more water and continue cooking until soft. Then serve with tea.
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