Healthy eating guide: What to eat on a perfect day

What I eat on a perfect day
Try to eat as healthy as you can every day. But remember we are only human and at least everyone has a soft spot for sweet food especially muffins. However, I believe that when it comes to healthy eating it is all about moderation and not denying yourself. Keep it healthy 90-95% of the time and you can have a little muffin now and then. Right? Right!

On a perfect day, try to eat as low carb as possible. Whenever I say low carb, people immediately confuse it with NO carbs. I believe our body needs some good healthy carbs to fuel our routine workouts and day-to-day living.

What I eat on a perfect day

For my carbs, I mostly stick to oats and fruits in the morning. Every once in a while I will have some pasta and brown rice. As the day goes by, I try to reduce the number of carbs I take in.

My morning routine is pretty much set in stone. I wake up at 5 am and make my warm water, lemon and cayenne pepper drink. I drink this while watching morning news or read a newspaper.

I then go for my morning run and come back for my breakfast. Which is almost always a smoothie, or oats.

For me, lunch is always the heaviest meal I eat. That is because I am the hungriest during that period. Therefore, I tend to have most of my calories at lunch. One of the easiest things I make is Broccoli and Chicken Pasta. Now I know a lot of fitness fanatics are like what? Pasta? And I am like Yes! Pasta!

My trick to having pasta while still trying to lose weight is what I call VOLUMISING. That means using 2-3 times as much protein and veggies than pasta. For example, If I have I cup of pasta, I will use about 2-3 cups of vegetables and about 1 cup of protein. That way I am eating way more low carbs veggies and protein and still enjoying a little pasta.

For dinner, I try to go as low carbs as possible. I like making spicy eggs with spinach. Once I read that chili speeds up your metabolism I was hooked. So it goes into everything I eat.
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