Healthy oral routine to ensure that your child’s smile lasts a lifetime

African girl from Burkina Faso smiling. She has really white teeth.
Your child’s smile says a lot about him or her and reveals the health condition of their teeth. Keeping your child’s teeth white, healthy and strong is necessary. Furthermore, helping them to develop good habits at an early age will ensure their teeth remains in great shape for life.

The following constitutes a healthy oral routine to ensure that your child’s smile lasts a lifetime:

  1. Brush your child’s teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, before bed, and on one other occasion
  2. Supervise your child during tooth brushing until they are at least 7 years’ old
  3. Just spit after tooth brushing, rinsing washes the fluoride protection away
  4. Reduce the amount and frequency of sugary food and drinks your child takes
  5. Let your child wear a mouth guard when playing sports
  6. If your dentist recommends a fluoride mouthwash, use this at a different time from tooth brushing to increase protection throughout the day
  7. Change your child’s toothbrush when you notice the bristles are frayed. Our child’s toothbrush often needs replacing more frequently than adult brushes because they habitually brush more rigorously than adults, so it is important to frequently change your child’s toothbrush to prevent bacteria and other germs from growing in it.
  8. Ensure that you visit your dental professional regularly.
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