10 Simple Self Health Checks Every Woman Should Do

Woman self examination for breast cancer

For obvious reasons, good health remains a top priority for every woman. We bring you then, these simple DIYs to keep you monitoring basic aspects of your health as you live to see your children grow and those beautiful dreams come true.

1. Your Pulse Rate

From different stages of the stroke to heart attack, talk about heart diseases are numerous everywhere. Everyone is weight and cholesterol watching, all in the fight for a healthy heart first, before the ‘looks’ even. Checking your pulse rate often means a lot. You can do this simple test right away. Hold up the index and middle fingers of your right hand together, place them both on the inner wrist of your left hand, just at the base of your thumb. You should be able to feel your pulse which shows your heartbeat. Count the number of beats you feel, per minute. A healthy heartbeat for an adult should be between 60 and 100 beats. If your count is consistently more or less than that, go see a doctor.

2. Your Blood Pressure

Another major cause of heart disease is the dreaded high blood pressure or hypertension as it’s often called. This is another number 1 women killer. The rate at which sufferers of this disease abound is alarming.

It used to be known as a disease for the aged or the middle-aged at best but hypertension now occurs amongst young people in their late twenties and early 30’s! Yes!

What can you then do at home to help you monitor this disease and keep danger at bay? Here’s the deal, invest in a high blood pressure self-check kit.

Low blood pressure is another evil that must be nabbed on time. So, do watch out for readings lower than your usual range (ask your doctor) and inform your doctor.

3. Self Breast Examination

With your birth suit on, look candidly into the mirror at your two breasts. What you’re looking for? Any form of scaliness in either breast on your nipples, any dimpling, redness or even any difference at all between the two breasts, minus the perfectly normal occurrence of most women having one breast bigger than the other.

Then, lie down flat on your back. Raise one hand above your head. With the first 3 forefingers of the other hand, start to feel all over your breast for any lumps. Start from your armpit, feel down to your breast and all around it. Alternating hands, repeat the process with the other breast.

If you notice anything, then it’s time to see the doctor. Not to worry though, every lump isn’t necessarily malignant. In fact, most lumps are benign tumors. Early detection of a malignant lump though, is the major survival factor for patients. A regular self-breast exam is crucial.

4. Check For Malignant Skin Tissues 

Skin cancer is so common these days amongst women. Perhaps, it’s due to the upsurge of harmful skin products and the harsh atmosphere these days as a result of the endangered ozone layer. Again in your birthday suit, look all over your skin for such things as spots, moles, any changes in coloration, bleeding and growth. A dermatologist is an expert to show the mole or whatever to. He will then carry out a proper examination to detect if you do have skin cancer.

5. Nail Check For Kidney Malfunction

If white horizontal bands seem to appear at the base of your nails, and you feel fatigued simultaneously with the appearance of the white discoloration, please ditch the children’s superstition that it’s ‘shokolokobangoshey,’ a gift from a flock of doves flying across the sky. Leave that as pure hogwash and go see a doctor ASAP because that could very well be a signal from your body that your kidneys aren’t filtering protein adequately from your urine, experts say. This translates into your body losing much protein, which can lead to kidney failure.

6. Armpit/ Nail/ Groin Check For Diabetes

A sudden patch of rough, dry skin in your armpit, neck or even your groin, may be an indication of diabetes. Here’s why; excess insulin in the bloodstream apparently, can cause skin cells to multiply abnormally, leading to a buildup of tissue and melanin. That’s what is responsible for your skin looking darker and thicker.

Go see a doctor for a simple blood test for insulin, if you notice these signs.

7. Scalp Check For Excessive Stress

If you find your scalp shedding like a snake, it may not be a problem with your brand of shampoo. It could actually be your body’s signal for excessive stress, which doctors say can cause your body to produce excess amounts of a hormone called cortisol which messes with your immune system, making you more susceptible to infection. It also dries out the scalp, causing your scalp to shed lots of embarrassing skin.

If you notice such symptoms, then, it’s time to downscale your tight schedules and take life easier.

8. Self-check For Clinical Depression

Do you always feel sad or irritable? Do you suddenly have no interest in the things you used to love doing? Have you gained or lost much weight? Have your sleeping patterns changed? Do you often entertain feelings of guilt? Are you unable to concentrate, remember things or make decisions? Has fatigue and loss of energy become something you’re well-acquainted with? Are you restless and people who know you are worried about your level of decreased activity? Do you often feel hopeless or worthless? Do you find yourself meditating on suicide or death?
If you find yourself answering yes to more than half of these questions, book an appointment with a mental health doctor or psychiatrist for an evaluation.

9. Genital Self Checks

Doctors advise that women take time to know their bodies. That way, it’s easy to notice any strange appearances when they occur. To do this self-check, sit, squat or stand over a mirror. Look for any white, reddish areas around the vulva as well as any new moles, lesions, sores, lumps, regular white and cloudy discharge, anything strange really aside from normal changes due to age.

Consult your doctor ASAP with any findings. You may be saving yourself from cervical cancer or other related cancers.

Have yourself checked out routinely to beat deadly diseases?

10. Depression Test

Take this self-assessment test to see if you may be someone who could benefit from the treatment and support of a mental health professional.

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