How Can I Tell My Baby Is Getting Enough Milk? Here is The Answer


Q: I had my first baby about 4 months ago, so, I’m quite new to motherhood. Sometimes, I worry she’s not eating enough milk. How often should my baby be breast or bottle feed and how can I tell she’s taking enough?

Your baby may need to feed every two to three hours as babies’ tummies cannot take much at a time. You can tell that she’s eating enough if she:

– spends 10-15 minutes on each breast or drinks two to three ounces of formula per feed,

– has six or more wet diapers and two or more dirty diapers every 24 hours,

– looks satisfied and content after feeding. She’d probably nap after a satisfactory feed.

Note that it’s best to check with your baby’s pediatrician if you are concerned about your baby’s intake or weight for proper evaluation and remedies, where necessary.
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