Ladies, Don't always trust your OBGYN: Here is my story!

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I just need to say this up front: ALWAYS double check your own lab results. Do not always trust your doctor. I understand they are human and make mistakes, but it's important to know your own medical status.

I used to think my non-hormonal IUD was the best thing ever as far as birth control is concerned. I didn't have to worry about anything! I knew the risks, but the chances of them were so low it was worth the convenience. But I also should have considered that when there is a 1% chance of something, I'm always the 1% case. Just my luck.

I went to my OBGYN last week for issues I've been having with my IUD that I got a year and a half ago. It was no longer where it was supposed to be and I had some other symptoms I won't list here. That same day, I got bloodwork and an ultrasound done and scheduled a follow-up, which was earlier today

At my follow-up today, my doctor didn't catch my elevated HCG levels on my labs, and I had to be the one to point them out after she said everything was normal. I had to literally diagnose myself with an ectopic pregnancy, and checking my own lab result saved me from having to go through a rupture, internal bleeding, and more serious surgery.

The only thing my OBGYN had to say was "Oh, you're right! I didn't even look at that because I assumed you weren't pregnant because of your other symptoms." Um, wait, excuse me, WHAT? You are the OBGYN! You specialize in this! Shouldn't you check HCG levels every time, especially when you don't know what the hell is wrong with a patient?!

She sent me to the ER and I had to have an emergency surgery for ectopic pregnancy attached to my ovary and partial removal of my right fallopian tube. I caught it just before it ruptured, the hospital acted quickly, and the surgery went really well. I'm home now and on bed rest for a few days while I heal.

This just irks me. It could have been a lot worse if I blindly trusted my doctor like I SHOULD be able to do.

For anyone wondering, I had Paragard, a copper non-hormonal IUD. My current doctor is nice and I never had any issues until this, but this whole thing was complete negligence and I can no longer trust her. I'm searching for a new one right after my post-op appointment.

If anyone has any suggestions for recovery, I'm all ears.
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