10 Steps to Help Your Daughter Go Through Her First Period

mothers helping daughters deal with periods
Some mothers have no idea on how to help their daughter deal with their first menstruation.

So here are some tips to help you:

1. Let her know it is natural and perfectly normal

If you can remember when you started, share with her about that day If you’re a Dad having this talk with her share a funny or embarrassing story about something you went through at her age or. It will help put her at ease. Remind her that a lot of girls her age may be having their period soon if they haven’t already. ,

2. Talk to her about different types of ways to protect the flow

It is either pads or tampoons, whichever will be best for her

3. Talk to her about different flows

When I started I had light flows that come with serious pains, some of my friends had a heavy flow.
As I grew older the flow became heavy. Teach her to monitor her flows so she can take note of any changes

4. Teach her ovulation and how to track her cycle.

I never learned this from home, I had the internet teach me how to track mine which wasn’t ideal.
Ovulation occurs on the 14th Day of the cycle for most women, an average woman cycle is 28 days, other women experience ovulation during the period, so she has to keep track of it.

She could download an app for the period on her phone. Teach her how the cycle starts again and when. Don’t be ashamed to browse to learn more. If you need more knowledge, go ahead to get it

5. Teach her it is okay to have irregular periods at her age

I started my period at age 13, it got to the time, I didn’t see my period for 3 months, it started all of a sudden again. Sometimes my cycle starts and ends at 19 days. Sometimes it is 28day but as I grew older it became normal. So tell her if she experiences such it normal

7. Make sure she is always prepared

To avoid embarrassing herself in public, buy enough pads or tampoon for her and let her always put it in her bag especially when she knows Her period is approaching, Let her also avoid wearing clothes that stains are so noticeable. Buy more underwear for her.

8. Physical changes

During ovulation, her breasts might become big and painful. Explain to her why it is that way. She might even begin to grow pimples on the face, her waist and legs might hurt

9. Mood changes

Sometimes the mood changes during ovulation or period. Tell her it is completely normal.

10. Hygiene

Teach her that no matter how busy she is, she must bathe twice daily, wash her underwears and change her pad occasionally.

It is a wonderful phase in a woman’s life. If she comes to you with a complaint änd you can’t handle it. Please visit the doctor together.
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