Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnant obese woman

Dear Admin,

My wife is now 7 weeks 5 days. Prior to pregnancy, she had been trying to lose weight. She had a BMI of about 28 with weight 83kg. In practical terms, she doesn't like her flabby tummy or large thighs. She'd been a bit of a plateau in weight loss for a while, but now that she's pregnant she's become more motivated to lose weight.

I've read that for women who are obese it is often recommended they lose weight during pregnancy, and although my wife isn't obese she wants to do the same. She is taking pregnancy multivitamins for nutrition support but that is part of my concern.

She's already been swimming and bike riding along with some light gym workouts prior to pregnancy and is continuing. She's been trying to ignore the extra hunger as much as she can.

I know the old adage "you're eating for two" is an old wive's tale, but I do just have some concerns about what would happen if she does try too hard to lose weight.

What's the consensus here? Have you lost weight during early pregnancy?

The vitamins are a supplement to real food, not a replacement. I would say that unless she was directed to specifically by her doctor, not to eat a caloric deficit while pregnant or nursing.

If she's hungry she should eat. It doesn't have to be a cheeseburger though! Load up on healthy foods, drink plenty of water and keep exercising (nothing too crazy of course!). Agonising over the scales can be dangerous though because even if she's eating less or exercising, she can still gain weight from the extra blood, fluids, and the growing placenta- and if she sees the scales go up in spite of her cutting back her food etc and freaks out, it could turn into quite a mess for both her and bub. She has got to prioritize the baby's welfare ahead of aesthetics

She needs to understand that pregnancy isn't a life sentence to extra weight. I gained 15kg in pregnancy, and now 4 weeks after the fact I've lost 12kg already- and that's without having done any exercise while I recover (2 more weeks until the ob will clear me for exercise). A lot of us in here struggle(d) with body image during pregnancy- many of us put a lot of effort into weight loss or appearance before we fell pregnant, and it was hard to let go of the control- but honestly a healthy developing baby is far more important than our hangups for the time being. And hey- we can all go bananas with working out etc after our beautiful babies are here :)

Good luck- she's a lucky lady to have you on her side and looking out for her best interests :)

Talk to her doctor before she does anything and eat & exercise smart
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