Birth Control: Just had an IUD inserted. Here is my experience so far...

Woman getting inserted IUD-contraceptives
The following is for anyone who is considering an IUD; I just had one put in maybe 15 minutes ago or less and was freaking out because I had no idea how it'd go.

Reason: I take multiple seizure medicines and it interferes and reduces the effectiveness of the pill yet also causes neuro defects if there were any accidental pregnancy.

Duration: Took probably 30 seconds for the entire process.

Procedure: The nurse will start a sonogram on your abdomen. Two things you'll feel: 1 is the sound used to measure your uterus and the other is the actual IUD.

Pain: The pain I felt during insertion and measuring was a very intense pressure in my abdomen, where cramps are felt, but sharper- like those sharp gas pains. It did hurt and feel uncomfortable. It wasn't just "period cramps". The nurse there let me hold her hand and that helped. Don't forget to breathe. If you have someone supportive, have them go with you and to drive for you. This is the worst part, but it's over in 30 seconds.
After: I'm feeling cramping like strong period cramps. I have a heating pad. The pain gets lighter and stronger, sometimes that sharp feeling and radiating to my thighs. Make sure you discuss a plan for aftercare and pain management before the day of the procedure.

I've never had a kid. 27 yrs old.

Rx: Taken prior to the procedure, Misoprostol (to dilate cervix), Xanax, and 2 OTC ibuprofen tablets. After the procedure, I took 2 more ibuprofen.

Conclusion: Wasn't as bad as the cervical biopsy I had. I would do it again in 5 years. If you plan on getting one, take the whole day off work.
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