How To Make the Perfect and Healthy Roast Beef Dinner

Roast Beef Dinner

Succulent roast beef makes the ultimate Sunday Dinner for all the family


It is easy to succeed in a good roast beef using some wise tricks. A roast beef must be served very tender and bleeding. According to their taste and choice, they prepare a roast beef with a longer cooking time and a roast rush on the end. This prevent the beef to dry out at the beginning of cooking, then make this golden and crusty coating. However, certain precautions such as the preparation must be taken into account in order to enjoy a delicious meal. In addition, the cooking time also affects the success of the roast.

The meat must be out of the fridge about 30 minutes before beginning preparation.

To make a roast beef taste delicious:

  • Do not salt the roast beef before cooking as it will dry faster,
  • Use the technique of red meat rest after cooking,
  • Vary the accompaniments: green vegetables and starchy vegetables, as well as some garlic you can roast along with the meat.

Salting meat before cooking encourages the outflow of blood to the outside. Roast beef loses some of its flavors. By cons, leaving the rest roast beef before cutting to eat the meat slowly makes its juice and the flesh is more tender.



☛750 g of tied roast beef,
☛4 cloves garlic,
☛1 tablespoon thyme
☛1 tablespoon olive oil.

The piece of meat the most suitable for this recipe is the rib eye or rumsteack that comes from a breed of cattle intended for meat production.


Before preheating the oven, the cooking time should be determined. The standard for the calculation is a quarter of an hour per 500 grams of meat. For 600 grams of meat, you’ll need to cook between 15 and 20 minutes. When cooking time is fixed, we can begin to heat the oven to 430°F (220°C).

Meanwhile, peel the garlic cloves and remove the seeds by a cut in the lengthwise direction. Complete the cuts in large pieces and insert them into the incisions made on the roast beef. Finish preparing the meat, basting with olive oil, thyme, and remaining garlic.

Go to cooking stuffing all for fifteen minutes or more depending on the amount of meat.
After that, remove the roast beef from the oven and remove the string and the bard. Finish cooking by heating for 5 minutes. The cooked roast beef can be covered with foil to extend the cooking without drying the meat.

Then it is presented on a platter on which it is allowed to stand for 5 minutes. The roast beef is cut into thin slices to be served with various accompaniments such as fries, salads or vegetables.

Roast Beef With Salad
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