18 Important Safety Tips For Mums Driving With Kids

Kid in a car

In traffic, women are usually seen as easy prey to all kinds of attacks. This may be sexual, straightforward intimidation, kidnapping, and assaults of various degrees. This can occur anywhere, from car parks to along the expressways.

Driving with kids makes you even more vulnerable as you have more than yourself to worry about.

Here are some practical measures to protect you from the growing danger of attacks while driving with the kids.

  1. Pay attention to traffic news so you can avoid problem areas.
  2. Pay attention to your intuition. If you don’t feel safe driving alone with the kids, then get someone to drive you.
  3. Depending on their age, keep your kids strapped in their car seats in the back. Never keep a rear-facing car seat in the front.
  4. Ensure that your car is in excellent condition by servicing it regularly. Otherwise, check the fuel level, oil level and the water level in the radiator.
  5. Always keep a torch (in good condition) in your car. It could be of use in unforeseen situations.
  6. Ensure that your car tires are in good condition, and always keep a spare in your car.
  7. Repair any car faults, especially with brakes and clutches immediately, no matter how minor it is, even if it means taking time off work or business.
  8. Always keep a mobile phone charger in the car and have reasonable call credits on your phone.
  9. Buy any sign that says ‘call the police’, which you can put in the rear and side windows of your car.
  10. Ensure your doors are locked. If your child has inquisitive fingers, use the child lock on the doors and windows.
  11. Also, ensure that no child puts his or her head or arms outside the car’s window. This could be fatal.
  12. Be speed conscious.
  13. Do not make yourself vulnerable to attacks on the highway by placing your handbags, phones, etc., on the front seat as this could mean an open invitation to robbers, especially when there is a traffic build-up.
  14. Ensure everyone in the car has their seat-belts fastened and avoids unnecessary conversation.
  15. Do not allow babies or toddlers in the front seat. Any child younger than 12 should use a booster seat and stay strapped.
  16. If you have to make or receive calls, use your hands' free device to enable you to concentrate on your driving.
  17. Be watchful, always using your side mirrors to observe what is going on in your environment.
  18. Don’t forget to offer a little prayer before you embark on any journey if you believe in the big guy up there.

It’s better for you to be careful than to be sorry. You only have one life to live and you want to watch your children grow, therefore be safe.
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