7 Steps to Giving Your Kids Little Responsibilities

Older kid holding a toddler

Giving children little responsibilities in the home can help a great deal. Getting your kids to help out is a way of engaging them in the home. Assign little chores to keep the children excited and to develop the habit of helping out, thereby giving them a sense of responsibility.

Your preteen is capable of increased responsibility where chores are concerned. Bear it in mind that children in this age bracket need continuity. Find out what works for your family and do not change it without the concerned individual’s input and support. Let them know the consequences of failing to complete their chores, as well as the rewards for fulfilling their responsibilities.

You may need to supervise and help every step of the way. Lay the groundwork for children who may later come to accept helping out with chores as a way of life.


1. Teach your child how to do a particular chore, and allow time and practice to get it right.

2. Teach your child how to dress their beds and take care of their rooms.

3. Ask your child to take care of some daily tasks, as well as washing and drying dishes as they use them.

4. Encourage them to assist in preparing simple meals for dinner.

5. Teach them to keep bathrooms clean and dry, put clean clothes away in the drawer and dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

6. Teach children to ensure that the living room is always tidy, pick up all the toys and put them in the right place after playing.

7. Make a chart of tasks such as cooking, grocery, sweeping, laundry, taking out the garbage, and rotate these amongst your children every fourth night.
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