Dear Mums, Do Not Succumb To Unrealistic Weight Loss Pressure

Breastfeeding mum

Each woman’s body is different from the next and has a different reaction to natural processes including childbirth. Hence some women lose their pregnancy weight faster than others. One may lose her baby fat within a couple of weeks of childbirth, or it may be a long process from 1 year upwards. That does not make one woman any better or worse than the other. Its just natural and should be regarded as a beautiful thing.

Women are generally under pressure to quickly drop the pounds they gain during pregnancy – whether from their spouse, friends or people whose business it really isn’t.

Shoutout to all the mummies taking care of their beautiful babies and still working on their body, it’s easy to let the pressure get to you especially as we all see these our abroad celebrities getting their bodies back after 2 hours of labor lol some people are blessed that way. You’ve just gone through a miraculous process, take it one step at a time and enjoy bonding with your baby. Your body will bounce back, you are BEAUTIFUL? 

It is important that women learn to love themselves and feel good about their bodies after childbirth. Pace yourself and lose that baby weight at the right time.

What’s more? Doctors have warned that losing the baby weight too fast after childbirth can put the next baby at risk – so you see – No rush!
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