Do you know how many health benefits do curry leaves offer? Read on to discover.

Curry leaves
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In Ayurvedic medicine, curry leaves are believed to have several medicinal properties such as anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and hepato-protective (capacity to protect the liver from damage) properties.

The humble curry leaves have carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E…phew… all packed in one. 

Curry Leaves also help to strengthen your hair and enliven your skin. They’re also praised to repair both of your bones and teeth as well as heal the wounds.

So next time, think twice before discarding them. These tiny wonders can do a great deal of good.

The health benefits of curry leaves.

Shield yourself from cancer:

The chemical constituents found in curry leaves such as phenols are helpful in fighting cancers such as leukemia, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancers. In fact, some Ayurvedic doctors suggest eating five curry leaves every morning to keep the big C at bay.

Say goodbye to anemia:

Offering a rich source of iron and folic acid, curry leaves are widely used to counter anemia.

Fight diabetes:

By affecting the insulin activity of the body, curry leaves control your blood sugar levels.

Boost digestion:

Curry leaves alter the way your body absorbs fat and hence aid in weight loss. With diabetes strongly related to weight gain, consuming curry leaves means you are tackling two problems simultaneously.

Lower cholesterol:

Packed with antioxidants, curry leaves are known to reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Handle greys:

Curry leaves not just control greying of hair but also help in treating damaged hair, adding bounce to limp hair, controlling hair fall and treating dandruff.

Soothe skin irritation:

Application of curry leaves helps in treating skin bruises and burns as well as rashes and insect bites.

Correct vision:

Curry leaves are useful in eye problems such as cataract and also prevent vision loss.

Reduce chest and nose congestion:

Swallowing a spoonful of powdered curry leaves mixed with honey twice a day can relieve you from wet cough, sinusitis or chest congestion.

Use as an alternative to antibiotics:

Research on curry leaves has revealed that they are great in battling bacterial and fungal infections and are reportedly as good as popular, mainstream antibiotic drugs!

The best way to use fresh Curry Leaves is to add them to your dishes at the end with some mustard seed. After that, heat a little amount of oil in one pan before adding one teaspoon of black mustard seeds. Make sure to cover the pan with a lid, or they can pop out. Pour a certain number of Curry Leaves and then add oil to them as a finisher. Additionally, you can consume Curry Leaves in the form of juice if you prefer. You will need a good juicer and some good recipes.
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