7 Ways To Dry Up Your Milk Supply With Ease After Weaning Your Baby

Mother breastfeeding kid

At some point, every nursing mother will have to make the decision to discontinue breastfeeding her child. To promote growth and development and to ensure babies meet their milestones, babies should be given milk up to age 2. So, you will have to consider switching to other milk options and thereafter work on how to dry up your breastmilk.

Drying up breast milk usually comes with a lot of discomfort and difficulties for most mothers. Find ways to ease the process.

Suggested 7 Ways To Dry Up Your Milk Supply With Ease After Weaning Your Baby

1. Gradually replace nursing your baby with formula feedings. This the safest and least painful way to stop breastfeeding and to avoid mastitis. Breast milk is produced on demand. Reduce demand, and you will reduce production. If your baby is nursed with breast milk 4 times in a day, gradually reduce to 3 breast milk feeds on day one, 2 breast milk feeds on day 2, one breast milk feed until you finally stop.

2. Apply cold packs to your breasts. This will relieve both the swelling and the pain of breast engorgement.

3. Drink sage tea. Sage contains a natural estrogen that is reputed to dry up your milk supply. Found at any departmental store, sage tea is brewed and can be drunk with tea and honey.

4. Apply cold cabbage using a snugly fitted bra. Place the cabbage between your breasts and the bra. Hold in there until they become limp.

5. Use Ibuprofen or acetaminophen. This should be done only with a doctor’s approval.

6. Take a warm shower. If your breasts are painfully engorged, a warm shower will help relieve pressure and soothe discomfort. Avoid direct stimulation from the water whenever possible.

7. Do not stimulate your breasts with a pump or massage. Remember, this will only make the breasts think it needs to produce more.
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