How Do I Control Myself? My Feelings Are Out of Control For A Married Man

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I seriously need advice on how to control my feelings for a married friend who did this to me.

It all started five days ago when I asked a male married friend of mine to educate me about marriage.

He started asking me questions about sex. He asked me what I love about sex, what styles I like and why I like it. He went on to say that he was very horny but I didn’t believe him because he occupies a very respectable position in the church.

He invited me over to his office the next day and I went to see him. When I got inside his office, he asked me to come sit down on his laps. I was shocked, he noticed and asked me not to be.

To cut the long story short, before I left the office that day, he forced himself on me even though I begged him not to. He didn’t listen to me. I was so angry and was about to leave his office but he started begging me not and told me that he is sorry. He said he would do something crazy if I leave. So, I calmed down.

Since then, I have started having feelings for him. I feel like having sex with him. I seriously can’t help myself again but to feel him. How do I control myself?

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