How you feel after an abortion depends on why you chose to have one

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How you feel after an abortion depends on why you chose to have one. Most women don’t need psychological help after an abortion; in fact, they often feel relieved. There is absolutely no shame in feeling relief. You made the best decision under the circumstances. And you’re not alone – 42 million women have abortions every year.

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Of course, nobody can dictate how you feel. Feelings of sadness or grief are also common, but like most emotions, they don’t last forever.

Some service providers offer abortion ‘after-care’ where you can speak with a counselor or therapist. In cases where the service provider does not offer this care, it is still recommended to find someone you can talk to about the feelings and emotions you are going through. You do not have to process this alone.

After an abortion, your hormones are returning to the way they were before your pregnancy, which may also leave you feeling sad. Or maybe you feel sad because the man who got you pregnant didn’t want to have the child with you. The abortion might reopen old wounds; and like most wounds, they need time to heal.

If any of this is the case, talk to a close friend or family member who can comfort and support you.

And don’t worry: if you had a safe abortion there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get pregnant again.

In sporadic cases, women fall into depression after making a choice on an unintended pregnancy. Depression is serious, and if you think you are depressed or know someone who may be, you might consider talking to a professional about it.
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