I have Type 2 diabetes and have not had an erection in 2 years. Should I give my wife a "Free pass"?

Couple with erection problem

I'm married 7 years. I have Type 2 diabetes and have not had an erection in 2 years. Cialis, Viagra and a penis pump have not been effective for me.

I'm working on my health, please no medical advice.

If I can't ever get it up again I'm trying to figure out the best way to offer her a free pass for occasional sex if she ever wants it. We have a wonderful relationship and literally can't get enough of each other.

I just want to lay the option out there so she would never have to sneak behind my back to preserve her sanity. I have no fears that it would damage our relationship.

So what would be the best way to make this offer in a sincere and loving way?

You're a wonderful man and husband for even considering this idea.

Talk to her during some downtime tonight, while not in the bedroom. Ask if she misses the penetration aspect of your intimacy. Ask her if she'd like you to get a strap on to replicate fucking her. I imagine you'd be great wearing one since you already know how to move with a cock. She can help you pick out the dildo if she wants one larger or longer what material it's made of. Should be a high-quality silicon.

Then ask her if she'd ever considered wanting to sleep with another man. Ask if she misses it and asks if she'd like to perhaps have a threesome where you could be a part of the evening MFM. or if she'd just prefer a one-on-one scenario and come home to you. Tell you all about it and be reclaimed by you.

There are many options. She may be perfectly happy with exactly what you have and what you are already giving her.

Good luck and good luck on improving your health. :)

Oh--- side note. If I stopped wanting to have sex with my husband, I would totally give him a pass. So I know where you're coming from.

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