SEX! Oh yeah, that’s the topic. It is very appalling – the whole talk about being shy to talk about sex. Sex is one of the most pleasurable moments in our lives and it’s not illegal too, so why do people avoid talking about it? As gratifying as sex may be for married couples, sometimes you just feel like you have had that sexy side of you slip out. 90% of the problems lovers might have with their sex life actually starts from their mind.

Sometimes the mind is weighed down and your sexual confidence can start declining without your quick notice, so you have to detox your mind and fill it with positive thoughts but how then do you boost your sexual confidence? Do these 5 Tips:

Tap into your inner ‘Diva’

There is a diva within every woman! an alter ego waiting to be activated. When you find yourself in a bedroom, free yourself and at that point, be the lady that you have always wanted or wished to be. Create your dream sex figure and tap into character. It’s your world, so you should let loose and enjoy feeling like that conspicuously sexy lady that you really are. This is a good way to position your mind going into the bedroom.

Don’t compare yourself

Understand that you are so special in your own way! One of the greatest signs of esteem issues is comparing yourself with others. It is more disturbing when you compare yourself to unrealistic magazine and TV figures. Doing this will only make you unsatisfied with the structure of your body and reduce your self-confidence. You will become so worn out by chasing unattainable figures until you lose yourself. You are radiant and gracious in your own way. Rather than feeling depressed with the things you don’t have, begin to appreciate what you have and focus on your body’s unique features and make that your pride.

Turn on the Music

Soft, slow, and sensual R&B Music has a connection to boost your sexual confidence. It allows us to sink deeply into our most immediate emotions. So if you want to have sex and you wish to make it more glamorous, turn on a soft, smooth R&B music.

Involve your partner

Sex isn’t a solo effort, it's a sensual communication between two parties. Don’t rush it, take it one step after another, and engage your partner actively. You don’t have to stay gentle and always appear as a receiver. Take charge and be mysterious. Give your partner something to chase after too. Although, ladies often feel uncomfortable about exploring, the truth is, when it comes to sex between you and your partner, you don’t need to be shy. It’s your sex life, spice it up.

And finally…

Don’t fake an orgasm

Many women fake orgasms to the detriment of their own confidence, because they want their men to feel so good about themselves. When you fake an orgasm, he will assume he has done the best, even when he hasn’t started. If this trend continues, old age will slip in and it will rob you of the experience. So don’t fake it. Tell your partner if it’s not enough and together make efforts to develop it.
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