Carrots, banana, and avocado smoothie for breakfast

Carrots, banana, and avocado
Enjoy avocado, banana, carrots and coconut water in this refreshing smoothie. This Avocado Banana Carrot Smoothie recipe will definitely fuel your healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of the health benefits of the ingredients I selected for this smoothie recipe:

Avocados – Besides being loaded with the “good fat”, they help heart health, lower cholesterol, and lower triglycerides. Plus, they make your smoothie extra creamy 🙂

Bananas – Besides tasting great, they are loaded with potassium which helps muscles recover and relax, and they have also been known to help you sleep better.

Carrots – The orange power food will give you vitamin A and is also linked to preventing cancer, giving you healthier looking skin and aids in digestion.

Avocado Banana Carrot Smoothie Recipe

I hope you enjoy this Avocado Banana Carrot Smoothie as much as I do!


☛5 baby carrots
☛½ avocado
☛½ banana
☛4 ice cubes
☛6 oz coconut water - you can use regular water if you prefer


Place ingredients as listed into blending device and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Carrots, banana, and avocado smoothie

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