Hygiene tips that are useful to ladies general well-being

personal hygiene
As women, it is not enough to be beautiful only on the outside, maintaining personal hygiene does not only help you to battle infections and detrimental diseases, it creates an atmosphere of freshness around you.

Here are simple hygiene tips that are useful to ladies general well-being:

➯ Getting ingrowths aftershave- avoid wearing tight underwears or clothing

➯ Keeping your vagina dry- after any form of exercise or activity, take a quick shower and avoid leaving wet panties or clothes on your body for a long period of time. It makes you prone to infection.

➯ Underwears- cotton underwears are better than silky ones because they allow air to get into your vagina. The more breathable that your underwear is, the better with the smell.

➯ Sleep with no underwear at night because your body needs to breathe.

➯ To avoid smell, yeast infection or any other infection, it is good for you to take a daily probiotic. You can get probiotics from foods or probiotic supplements.

➯ You can use feminine wipes or baby wipes on the outside of your vagina but not inside as it can give you infections.

➯ Eat good food. You smell what you eat. Drink plenty of water.

➯ Use hand sanitizer before and after you use the toilet.

➯ Talk to your doctor before you use any birth control pill.

➯ Dry vaginas- there are natural moisturizers that you can buy. It's like a gel and it keeps you moisturized. You can also use this moisturizer if you have discomfort during sex.
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