What are some of the side effects birth-control has had on your body?

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Recently I've taken the decision to start birth control as I've started a serious relationship but I have never taken it before and growing up in a prudish household I have no idea between different brands of contraceptive and or how prominent side effects are.

I'm getting my birth control from my campus student health center but I'm wondering what type or brand of birth control is best and how serious are side effects. I've heard it can have a toll on your weight, health, and emotional state. I'm a little concerned about getting caught using a contraceptive, so I'm wondering just how prominent are the side effects of hormonal birth control.

I would recommend IUD though. I have Skyla, which lasts 3 years. It is an IUD smaller than Mirena and has a smaller dosage of hormones each day compared to Kyleena and Mirena.

Pros: You can have as much unprotected sex as you want a week after insertion (assuming you both are tested for STDs, and all that jazz), You don’t have to remember to take a pill at the same time every day, which is great when traveling time zones. Less dosage of hormones than other forms of birth control. Long-term cost is cheaper. Upkeep is just checking to make sure the strings are there.

Cons (for me at least): Insertion kinda hurt. I was crabby because of cramping for a day or two afterward. (I have a super high pain tolerance, so may be worse for others, take your pain pills before insertion.) I had weird light brown discharge for a month or two. After a month, I noticed my mood was much more fragile. It was way, way easier to trigger a panic attack or meltdown for me. After six months, things seemed to have leveled out. I have noticed that I have a decreased appetite now. It used to be where I wouldn’t eat much around the time I was ovulating and then eat a whole bunch of stuff on my period. It used to be where I couldn’t ignore my hunger, but now I can.

Overall: Very happy with my Skyla IUD.

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