Woman’s guide to knowing her real bra size

Woman’s guide to knowing your real bra size

You know that amazing feeling you get when you find the perfect outfit, and it actually fits and to top it all, you can actually afford it! So you buy the outfit and you just can’t wait for the event, and then on the D-day, you put on the outfit and then you realize something is not quite right. It just looks funny, so you do the 360° turn in front of your full-length mirror and then it hits you! It’s not the dress that’s raining on your parade, it’s your bra!

The biggest guide to actually finding the right bra is to know your real size. When you determine your actual bra size everything else is pretty simple!

Here’s a woman’s guide to knowing her real bra size.

There are two major areas of a bra that make it fit or not, the band and the cup.

Measuring Your Band Size:

• Step 1:

Run a measuring tape horizontally around your body just under your breasts. Make sure the tape fits firmly around you and your arms are down. Take the measurement in inches and note the number of inches you measure.

• Step 2:

The measurement would either result in an odd or even number…obviously! If it’s an odd number say 27 inches for instance then you may want to try bras in one band size smaller or bigger which would be 26 inches or 28 inches. If you get an even number then you’re good to go!

Measuring Your Cup Size:

• Step 3:

Bend over so that your chest is parallel to the ground. This gives you a clearer picture of your cup size because you would be measuring your entire breast tissue.

• Step 4:

Measure around your torso by placing the tape over the fullest part of your breast. Don’t tug on the tape too tightly so it doesn’t press against your breast tissue.

• Step 5:

Note down this number.

• Step 6:

To determine your cup size, subtract the first measurement you got (your band size) from the second measurement (your cup size). Based on the result you get after subtracting the figures, you can use the chart below to determine your cup size:

So if for instance your band size is 32 inches and the difference between that and your cup size was 4 inches then using the chart above your bra size is 32D. Get it?

There you have your guide to finding your actual bra size, step one to getting that “perky” look! 
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