Worrying about your kids never ends: You'll never stop caring!

Worried mother

Research shows that worrying about our kids doesn’t end when they are grown, with parents saying they still worry about their adult children.

I work as a caregiver in a retirement community. One of the ladies I was visiting is almost 100. Her (4) kids are older than my parents. Well her son had come to see her for dinner, and as I was helping her get ready for bed, she kept talking about how much she hoped he was driving carefully and got home safely.

So if anybody laughs at you and goes "oh first-time mom haha don't worry so much, you'll relax after you have a few more years experience look at her doing kick counts" tell them to shove it. Because I'm pretty sure that spending the rest of your life worrying about your kids is part of being a mom. And it's a wonderful part because we only worry out of love. And guess what? Those same kids she worries about, worry about her too, which is why they make sure she had somebody there to help her every night.

I’ve always said that my last breath will be my last worry when it comes to my son. 

Research now supports this and shows that even when your children have left the nest, you worry about them like you did when they were in your care. A study in The Gerontologist shows that many older adults who have grown children still have worries and concerns about their adult children, and these concerns even affect their sleep patterns. 
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