In a word, no, healthy cakes aren't possible, because so many of the common ingredients are high in fat and sugar. But if you don’t want to always make blow-out dishes, then there are little tricks and substitutions you can make that will make a difference. I have a number of recipes that I’ve gathered over the years that are my go-to favorites for when I’ve got friends coming over for celebrations. If baking can’t be good for the body, it can be good for the soul.

Find healthy, delicious cake recipes including apple, lemon, fruit, carrot, pumpkin, coconut, yogurt and egg cakes, and homemade plain cakes.

1. Apple Cake

Cake with some delicious pieces of apple dancing within. Most kids totally enjoy this delicious beauty. And oh, if you do not like pieces of apple in your cake simply shred the apples and they’ll be just as delicious. Recipe here.

There are many different varieties of fruity cake and one common thing in them is the inclusion of the dried fruits like the raisins or candied fruits like glacé cherries, mixed orange and lemon peels, nuts and sometimes spices and optionally soaked in spirits for a longer shelf life and taste. This cake is wholesome, loaded with fresh fruits and just so good. Recipe here.

3. Carrot Cake

Another wholesome baby right here. If I could marry a cake… The secret is in the finely grated carrots, which give moisture and natural sugar to the cake, and the spices that tickle the taste buds. Recipe here.

4. Pumpkin Sheet Cake

Hello gorgeous! You guys, pumpkin in a cake is the ish! Plus that cream cheese filling on the inside is everything! I love having this baby in my fridge to whip out for a special breakfast or treat. Check out the recipe here.

5. Lemon Coconut Cake

Lemon coconut cake, as in 3 deliciously moist buttery coconut cakes combined with homemade lemon curd, toasted coconut flakes, and cream cheese frosting. Finished with a “what just happened in my mouth because that was the best cake I’ve ever had” moment. Recipe here

If you need to separate your eggs into whites and yolks, don’t throw one half away. Both can be used in a variety of recipes. Spongy, perfect for breakfast or a snack, you can enrich with the addition of jam or, really delicious, spread with Nutella. You should try this sometime. Recipe here.

7. Yogurt Cake

One of my favorite cakes of all time!! Filled with yogurt and so delicious! Recipe here.

8. Plain Cake

This my friends is the grandmother of all cakes. If you have never baked a cake in your life before, you might want to start with this one. It is plain, simple and perfect! Recipe here.

Feel free to let me know which of the cakes you like best.
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