Are you going through a troubled sex life because of your big tummy?

big tummy
Now, don't get me wrong... I love most of my body. I have a nice round ass* and great tits*. The only thing that I am most self-conscious about is my stomach. It's big and has stretch marks, and honestly makes me really hold back during sex. I have this gorgeous man and I know that he loves to make love to me, but I just feel so incredibly self-conscious, especially if I'm on top. Most of the time, I'll keep a tank top on or a t-shirt and I know that he wants me to get completely naked because he's suggested it multiple times. For the record, I hit the gym almost every day and I'm working on fixing this annoying problem, but for the meantime, I need some advice. How do I begin to feel better about this big tummy of mine flabbing around when I'm gettin' down?

Are you going through a troubled sex life?

Is your belly bulging out and making you too tired to enjoy those romantic activities?

Belly fat is one of the primary reasons for a disturbed sexual life faced by many couples.

Follow these steps that will surely prove fruitful within a short time:

  • Join a gym.
  • If possible take an annual membership that will be easily affordable.
  • Go for cardio, abs exercises and strength training under the guidance of a physical trainer.
  • Go for foods that are rich in lean protein and high-fiber.
  • Stop eating junk food and fried snacks.
  • Take the advice of an experienced nutritionist for a well-balanced diet.

You must understand it is essential to lose lower belly fat to have a healthy life.

This fat may have serious consequences like cardiovascular diseases, unhealthy sexual life, and many other psychological effects also.
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