How to maintain your kid’s healthy diet even when you bring them to a fast food joint

Young children enjoy lunch at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant

Statistics show that one in every three school children eat fast food daily. Due to this, more and more children are overweight and are at an increased risk for obesity and developing diseases such as diabetes. This issue is causing parents and health professionals to be alarmed.

There is no exact number as to how many calories a child needs in a day as it depends on his age, weight, and level of activity. What is important is that they do not eat more than their bodies need.

Sadly, many busy parents see fast-food as a solution rather than a problem. Parents with very hectic schedules will have no time to prepare meals for their kids. So fast food becomes a very convenient way to feeding our kids.

Fast food is fine just as long as it doesn’t become a staple in your children’s diet. Health experts say that a maximum of two visits a month to your favorite fast food joint won’t really hurt a child’s diet.

As a parent, you can influence the amount and type of food that your children eat. 

Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your kid’s healthy diet even when you bring them to a fast food joint:

Limit the amount of food that your children eat by ordering kid-size meals only. Never give in to the temptation of getting an upgrade even if they say that you can save more money by doing so.

Persuade them to eat foods that are boiled, steamed or roasted. Try and talk your children out of ordering foods that are breaded and fried such as chicken nuggets, fried chicken, French fries, chicken fillet sandwich, and onion rings.

Give them side dishes such as baked potato or fresh garden salad. They are healthier than the usual sides that are offered in fast food joints.

Order water, juice or milk for the kids. Explain to them that soda is not healthy.

Bring some healthy snacks such as carrot sticks or fruit slices which your kids can eat on your way to the fast food outlet.

Of course, nothing beats setting a good example by ordering a healthy meal yourself as parents.
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