Surprisingly wrong ideas about relationships people always fall for

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People often have really surprisingly wrong ideas about relationships. The truth is, no one hands us a manual on how to act when in love. These mistaken ideas are SO wrong that believing in them creates problems where there simply weren’t any before.

After you get married, your relationship will magically transform.

To be frank, there are some downright dumb expectations of marriage floating everywhere. There are also lots of strange and sordid reasons that people get married. The truth is that when you marry someone who you know well, your relationship with them will be a lot like it was BEFORE you tied the knot.

If you have a good relationship, you won’t fight.

You and your partner might be best of friends, but if you’re being honest with yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll agree on everything. There will be disagreements. There will be conflict.

A good relationship is a lot more about the way you both handle conflict than the presence of conflict. Actually, when someone says that they never, ever disagree with their partner, its untrue.

Good relationships are easy.

The truth is that tons of people think that if the other person is really, really right for them, they will sail smoothly through life together. This is untrue.

If you just work hard enough, things will improve.

Unfortunately, when a relationship is broken, it can be permanent. Lots of people buy into the idea that all they have to do is try harder or work more at it, and big problems — like incompatibility — will repair themselves. This is not always the case.

Your partner intentionally meant to hurt you.

Most relationship mistakes made by the other person are about them — not a malicious attempt to hurt you. The truth is that most people will go out of their way to avoid hurting the other person (even though they may fail miserably). Even cheating says more about the person who cheated than their partner.
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