What your kid should wake up to for their breakfast

Kid eating breakfast

Here’s one thing your mom wasn’t wrong about: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course, telling that to your toddler — who is far more interested in building a block tower than eating — probably won’t get him to sit down at the table. But there’s good reason to coax him over, even for a nibble. Eating a healthy breakfast is linked with lower obesity rates, improved moods, and longer attention spans (which means better school performance later). Plus, getting your toddler into a breakfast routine now paves the way for healthy eating habits as he grows up, which lowers his risk for major diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer down the road. 

For kids, breakfast is reportedly three times as important as it is for adults for physical and mental growth. Kids expend huge amounts of energy while playing and require nutritious meals to keep them going. Their brains also require energy to be able to pay attention and maintain focus while in class.

Kindergarten teachers emphasize the importance of kids coming to school with full bellies to sustain them through a busy morning of learning and playing.

What makes a good breakfast? 

A winning combo has some protein, fiber, calcium, a bit of (healthy) fat, and not much sugar. But of course, the very best breakfast is the one that actually gets eaten. To that end, check out these breakfast ideas for kids that are sure to entice your toddler to open his mouth and say, “Yum!”


Porridge is an easy-peasy dish full of nourishment. It’s easy to make and easy on the pocket. Millet contains high amounts of fiber and phosphorus. It’s also loaded with energy making it perfect for jumpstarting your body.

Quite a number of African mums serve their kids' porridge for breakfast. Add some blue-band to give it extra nutrition and flavor. Some mums even add nuts, honey or slices of fruit to give it a zingy taste.

Yummy Pastries

Serving sweet or savory pastries goes a long way in making breakfast time momentous. Croissants (can you pronounce it as well as you can eat it?) are yummy if done right. Scones with raisins or chapati might be an easier alternative for the less daring.


Crunchy cereal with milk is everybody’s favorite breakfast dish. The beauty of cereal is that it loaded with important vitamins such as folic acid and B₂ which are key for physical development. If store-bought cereal doesn’t sit well with you, opt for homemade muesli.

Muesli is essentially a mix of oats, nuts and dried fruit. When making your own, you can add melted blueband with honey – this also works when making homemade granola and flapjacks. Both options are great to make with kids.

Sweet potato and arrow roots

Sweet potato is a great source of vitamin A, beta carotene, complex carbohydrates and macronutrients. It literally sits in your stomach making you feel fuller and satisfied for longer.

In fact, some doctors are even calling sweet potato a superfood. An added plus is that preparing sweet potatoes and arrow roots only requires that you have a pan and water. I boil mine then slice and sautee in some blue band and serve with scrambled eggs for a great-tasting breakfast.

Don’t forget that healthy is never complete without fruit so make sure you serve some with any breakfast dishes to achieve the Good Breakfast Challenge.

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