Red lipstick on a woman is a stamp of confidence. It says so many things about the woman who dares to wear red lipstick. It says:

I’m Strong...

I’m powerful...

I’m confident…

I’m glamorous…

I really don’t give a damn…

Yes, I’ve heard it said that red lipstick is to a woman what a power tie is to a man. Red lips are a statement and make a statement. To get the ‘red stain’ look these are the two things you need to know:

1. How to pick the right red lipstick for you

i. To get the right shade of lipstick, you must be willing to try on as many shades as possible to get that brighter, fresher, radiant look that will work for your complexion. My personal favorites are ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC and ‘Sapele’ by House of Tara. Sapele is a great choice for most women of color. It is a vibrant matte red lipstick with orange undertones. Long-wearing and best of all perfect for every skin tone.

ii. Don’t be shy with the shade of red that you pick as long as it suits you and remember when you wear red lipstick it should be the most visible makeup on your face. Be sure to go subtle with the eyes and cheeks. Go be bold and pick a statement red.

iii. If your lipstick is to be worn in the daytime go for softer shades. If you are choosing a lipstick for the night time then go for something bold.

iv. Choose matte/stain lipstick for longer wear (all day at work) and gloss for a more sophisticated or glamorous look (evening outing).

2. How to wear red lipstick flawlessly

i. Exfoliate your lips: “Thou must not wear red lipstick on chapped or harmattan dry lips!” Chapped/dry lips are more visible with red lipstick! Give lips a good scrub with sponge and water to get rid of dry and dead skin and damp dry with a soft towel.

ii. Outline around your outer lips with your foundation and powder: This will help you apply your lipstick to just your lips neatly.

iii. Use your red lipstick to line your lips: Again this will help you apply your lipstick neatly so that you don’t color outside your lips.

iv. Now fill in your lips with the lip brush: Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick to the rest of your lips – apply as little or as much as you require with the lip brush. Working from the inner lips to the outer lips.

v. Use a concealer, foundation or lipstick around your outer lips: Touch up your make up when you are done to help correct any bleeding of the red lipstick onto your ‘mustache’ or ‘chin’ areas.

vi. Avoid lipstick on your teeth: Stick a finger in your mouth, purse your lips tightly around your finger and slowly pull your finger out of your mouth. This will ensure you remove any excess color from the edge of your lips that is likely to stain your teeth.

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